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Syed Farhan
Former Student of St. Lawrence Computer Science. He has the distinction of being the Passionate to Spread Knowledge beyond Boundaries. He is well known as the Founder of Knowths.com, Secretary-General of Pak Hydery Scouts Association, Pakistan, and Founder and President of Nusrat Welfare Organization, Pakistan (Regd.)
Education: Mphil Finance, Adv. Dip. M.A. CIMA (United Kingdom), Masters in Business Administration – Finance (IQRA University, Gulshan-C, Karachi, Pakistan)
Mentor: Personnel Development, Business, Finance & Accounts, Vlogging, Blogging, Website Development, Career Counseling, Scouting, Social Worker.


Mahreen Badar
She is a Senior HR Seasonal Professional. She also serves as a volunteer through different platforms most especially in the Education and Health sectors.

Deputy Director HR of Nusrat Welfare Organization. Creative Head of Baskets of Gold Events.

She completed her Master in Business Administration (Majors Human Resources) from IQRA University, Pakistan.

Mujtaba Mirza
Content Creator

Also known as Muji-Sarkar.
He is one of our best content writers, Vloggers and Blogger.

By profession, he is an Accounts Manager in a Clearing and forwarding Agency and he is also an Event Planner.

He has been writing for Knowthys for a long time. PostNWin’s official content writer.

He is really fantastic cheering fun-creating personality.

Knowthys is blessed to have such a content writer with us.

Content Creator

Syeda Sakina Abidi is a driven individual with a solid educational foundation in Biomedical Sciences and a certification as a Lab Technician.

Complementing her scientific knowledge, she holds a diploma in Business Management.

As a Group Scouts Leader, She nurtures leadership skills in young girls through the Pak Hyderi Scouts Section.

Recently, She has ventured into the writing world, exploring roles such as content writing and scriptwriting.

She aims to combine my diverse skill set to significantly impact healthcare, business, and literature.

M. Ubaid Javed
Digital Marketing Lead

He specializes in SEO and SMM, Facebook Marketing, YouTube SEO, LinkedIn Marketing, Web Analytics, etc.

He is having a blast in his current role as a Digital Media, SEO, SMM, SEM, SMO, Web Designing, and Development.

Social Media Marketing

Shiny Content Writer and Blogger. Her interested topics are Macroeconomics and Finance.

Her master’s in Economics and Finance is in process from the University of Karachi.

She is also serving as Asst. Secretary Finance in the Largest Community Scouting Group i.e. PHScouts.

She loves to play Games, Outings, and Exploring New Places.

Content Creator

He is a Creative Designer, Blogger, web developer, and Vlogger.

Also serving as President of Social Media in the Nusrat Welfare Organization, Pakistan (Regd.).

We specialize in bringing ideas to life for our clients.

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HOD Legal Dept.

L.L.B, Legal Advisor of Pak Hyderi Scouts Association, Pakistan, Legal Advisor of SalePanthers.com

He is specialized in Civil, Banking Family, Labor, and Corporate cases.


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