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Hamid Ismail Foundation

Hamid Ismail Foundation is an independent Not-For-Profit Organization. HMF undertakes diverse development projects to improve the lives and well being of local communities.

The aim is to create sustainable change that significantly improves the well-being of local communities and protects the environment.

Mobile Application

Hamid Ismail Foundation is pleased to announce the launch of the Mobile Application for Hamid Ismail Foundation. The purpose of this App is to Create Awareness of Social Issues, Engage Masses, and provide Updates on Projects undertaken by the Foundation. The vision of the Foundation remains to empower people in order to achieve solutions to complex social issues.

WIN Cash Prizes

You may submit your issues through this Hamid Ismail Foundation Mobile App by Registering yourself and following simple steps through clicking Raise on Issue as showing in below picture:

The Projects of HIF will also focus on improving the infrastructure facilities, such as by building and improving roads and public space.

Employee Benefits

Do not miss the chance to WIN multiple Cash Prizes as you support the cause “Only For The Employees of HMF”. All you have to do is Download the App by clicking here ” App Hamid Ismail ” on your phones right away and encourage your Family and Friends to do the same (click here to see a tutorial ).


  • 25,000 PKR Win on the Maximum number of downloads
  • 10,000 PKR Win (4 prizes)
  • 5000 PKR Win (7 prizes)
  • 1000 PKR Win (50 prizes)
  • Win a Surprise Candyland Gift on every 20 downloads against your Referral Code 4639N507W026

Referral Code

Rules & Regulations

  • Every head office employee is eligible to participate
  • To qualify for first 4 prizes, minimum requirement is 50 downloads
  • The winners will be decided based on the maximum number of downloads by Tuesday, 31st March 2020
  • You CANNOT refer another Ismail Industries employee
  • The downloads have to be against your referral code
  • Learn how to use referral code by clicking at Learn Code

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