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People see money as, it could be there only options to make them successful in life such as school also enable them buy or do anything they want to in life.
let’s look out the value in money before any other thing.


Money is made to help human in every aspect either in buying of goods, transaction, and services.
Before money should be created, human deals with exchange, (something we call trading) and doing that period human came to realize that there is conservative (cheat) which occur on that transaction, in example, it happens as two people agreed on such trading the items or goods of one of them may be more valuable than that of the other, that is the main reason why money is created.

On the contrary money is now considered more than humans life, people do use money for many bad and wicked ways such like, killing for money, fighting, and money could also make blood brothers turned against each other, and again people sale their fellow humans as slaves for money.

On this reason we are going to look out two things:
First- is money bad influence to humans?
Second – is money value good to life?

We will first discuss the good value of money.

Money is good to life in the process of living

My name is David also known as AKA Rence Patrick, for me money is happiness.
I know you will Ask what makes me said that
Unfortunately, I always figure and something always bother me which leads me to write This down.

No School without Money , No Food with Money, cannot pay Electricity Bill and House Rent without Money.

Some find it so difficult, that’s what making me write this.
I know having life without money
I or we supposed to appreciate God for keeping us among the living. Without money human will not be able to buy things affordably, money also helps in feedings, accommodation, transportation, business, and many more, which means money is very important and valuable to humans life.

Money is seen as a beneficial resource of living in humans life, and humans have different stages about money, what I mean is people got the money in categories, many are zillionaire, many billionaire, many millionaire, many have zero ,which means some people have the money in zillion, some in billion, and some in million, while some are trying to get even little to keep them alive.

That is the point exactly, does people who have them plenty thinks they lack nothing which make them see those who don’t have enough and are considered as poor people and are not there level. that’s one reason in which some people value money than their fellow human.

Money as Bad Influence to Life.

Now let’s see money as bad influence to life.
Like we say earlier money is use for many different bad activities which includes as we say earlier, killings, Kidnapping, selling humans to slavery, brothers turning against one another, and many more.
People involved themselves into many of this bad act because of money, and this also is because of lack of job opportunity in a country, or people lack of concentration in education and many reasons, but mainly they engage to all this bad stuffs to get the money. The love of money may led one astray, and its a strategy to man kind in this world.

According to the religious books it says money is the fruit of all evil, and its true the love of money or desperate need of money can lead someone to doing something so bad.

I know some might find this interesting some might not, actually I wrote this because I am one of them who find so difficult in life also I thank God for gift of life and talent.

Unfortunately, it is your choice to love my article. This article is for my boss which we haven’t meet face-to-face. I don’t know him but through online interaction he inspire me a lot and I appreciate everything you done for me both the one you did and the one you haven’t yet.
Farhan CEO of knowthys.com

Written by Godson AKA Rence Patrick naijaforyou.com.ng CEO

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  1. I think this article is good, we All know without money something we feel of give it up in life, because everyone needs money to solve everyone problem that has to do with the financial status
    According to what this person wrote I think is from he’s experience also what he observe, and what is happening around..

    I won’t judge this because you are right in most aspect

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