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Poultry Farming

Poultry farming all over the world has a great contributor to the human dietary category. If there was no development in the field of poultry, today we would still dream of eggs and poultry. In fact, it is the only one of the animals and birds used for human consumption. Which is the best and most profitable way. It is less expensive and quicker to spend than the buffalo herd. And the poultry meat and eggs depend on their nutrition. The best amino acids in an egg, as well as steel phosphorus and other organisms. Distinguish it from other human diets. On the other hand, poultry, whose nutritional value is strong in its place, also reduces our costs for weddings and events.

The poultry industry is fast approaching its peak in Pakistan at the moment, the best and easy investment for the investor, but the earning of profit is also a distinction of the same industry. The industry of billions of trillion rupees also employs more than seven million people.


From open farming to cage and then control shed farms are contributing to the country’s economic development, on the other hand, from Fed Mills Hatcheries to the latest Slaughterhouses, the industry is looking to add a new history from employment to economic development.

Poultry is in Modern Era

Poultry is a modern and complete science, but our aristocratic people have never been able to make any invention, and even if God has invented or invented something that will open up to human food and economic development, it will open up to our own small minds. Negative propaganda begins to crop.

The industry that is growing despite the economic downturn is suffering from ignorance of ignorant people. Sometimes injections of chicken arsenic and sometimes plastic egg yolks have kept the rumor factory afloat and propagated so intensely that even educated people fall prey to it.

The Poultry Industry in Pakistan

From broiler to leery there is a whole science that uses no more than one percent of hazardous health. I have written again and again but alas, every time a flame comes out and new propaganda is launched. Europe has never discovered or invented a human diet that is detrimental to human health, but more often than not.

In the past days, plastic eggs have been exposed in Karachi even though these eggs were just bad. Someone had stocked them for unprofitable profit, which would have been bad. The egg has a yellow and white mixture, but by hand-shaking it leaves some space. It seems that these ignorant people have named plastic eggs.

Make sure the chickens do not make any dishonesty when making their meat or eggs, but we sell ill-fated chicken to dirty eggs for their unprofitable profit. Eggs and poultry meat are just as important to our health as well as to our economy, which is prone to the wrong propaganda of ignorant people.

On the other hand, we have the Pakistan Poultry Association, which is silent on this scandalous propaganda. Although, there is a large number of doctors in this association who can shed the best light on poultry science.
It is the cheapest and most effective diet for the health of the public and we must all play our part in making it fully aware. This is a timely requirement.

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