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Scouts have always been at the forefront of Serving Humanity because Scouts is a Non-Political Organization dedicated to the Spirit of Service. Regardless of Race, Nationality or Sect. Either it was the Earthquake in 2005 or the Floods in Sindh, Balochistan, or National Elections, or Plague of Corona, the Scouts have always been on the side of this Country and Nation. But, What is it?

One corner of the world, Laila Khan, a 10-year-old Pakistani Girl Scout, was honored by US President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump for her Social Services during Corona’s Epidemic .

On the other side The attitude of the Sindh Government and Sindh Police towards the Scouts is questionable. The handcuffing of the Scouts by making them prisoners in Scout Uniforms while Fasting.

Remember! The Pakistan Boy Scout Federation was founded by Quaid-e-Azam and every Scout Organization in the Country is affiliated with this Association. Even today, the Chief Executive of all of them is the President of Pakistan.

You did not wear these handcuffs on these young men, but on the President of Pakistan, on the Qaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, on the Flag of Pakistan adorned on the chest of Scouts like Pak-Forces.

Scouting has always been about serving humanity. Whenever there was a calamity of any kind on this Holy Land. The Scouts were seen standing with their Government and Serving Humanity.

Be it the 2005 Earthquake or the Floods in Sindh and Baluchistan. Or the plague that engulfed the whole world. In which everyone was confined inside their homes, whether it was the city, the streets, the neighborhoods or the poverty alleviation package of the Government of Pakistan or the Disinfectant Spray throughout the City Karachi.

Scouts are always on the front lines. From Sukkur Quarantine to Karachi Expo Quarantine Center, Scouts were seen standing with their Governments without caring for their lives.

Even on the occasion of Yom-e-Ali a.s., the Scouts were busy Serving Humanity and Mourning Ali a.s. The Scouts have always stood by the Sindh Government and Sindh Police without caring for their lives. But the attitude of the Sindh Police towards them that captures the Scouts and their emotions is a question mark.
We condemn this attitude of the Sindh Police.

Long live the Sindh Scout:

I spent many years in scouting as a child and teenager. Scouts are the stupid young blood of our Society who spend their Golden youth training to maintain discipline without any compensation, medals and plots at their own expense.

Pakistan, where the civil defense agencies do not exist at all or are not at all fearless, are the Scouts who help the government in natural disasters and emergencies with Muharram and Rabi-ul-Awal processions, the 2005 earthquake. Whether it is the floods in the Government or not, the Scouts everywhere are quietly fulfilling their responsibilities.

Many Scout volunteers are still risking their lives to take care of Corona patients at the Expo Center Karachi and are also taking care of the arrangements there.

The Scouts in the photo were arrested on their way back from the Yum Ali procession and handcuffed and produced in court. Every Pakistani Scout strongly condemns these actions.

Sindh Police & Scouts

The way the Sindh Government had built its reputation by handling matters at the beginning of the epidemic, it ruined everything from prayers and Taraweeh in Ramadan to the gatherings and processions of Yom-e-Ali, opening the bazaar a week before the procession. You sent a message to that now everything is normal.

If your trained armed police have failed to control the rush in the bazaars, how can you expect the unarmed Scouts to stop the procession of millions of people?

They have neither a cane nor a gun, a flashlight, a rope, a walkie-talkie and a whistle to control the crowd.

Nevertheless, bringing this esteemed youth of the society to justice like such criminals is a slap in the face of our society.

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