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What is “Society” according to you?

The same question was asked from different platforms and everyone has their own views and meaning of society. After talking and analyzing different types of people. I decided to write a blog on this very interesting and annoying topic.

Every person’s thinking changes according to age, scenario, and circumstance. If we survey people, so most commonly, we will find one thing in all of them, that is Hating their society but still living there. There are many reasons to hate society. But if they hate it so much so then a question raises here in all of our minds that why they are living in such so-called societies? Sounds weird but this is a fact!

Now let me discuss some bad habits of our society. Although there are many, I would say that bad habits changes according to gender and age. Listing down Top Three of them and I am sure you people would agree with my argument. As we are facing such problems altogether.

Poking Nose

This is one of the most hated bad habits of our so-called societies. This problem also varies from region to region, territory to territory, culture to culture and society to society.

If we take a look in different societies. We would find some common issues such as there is a big issue from neighbors’ and relatives’ side. These both can’t let us live happily and independently.

I don’t understand one thing! When we earn our own, when we eat our own, when our deeds our own, when we are answerable to GOD of our own.


So, who the hell are they to say us what to do and what not to do? Who are they to say us what to wear and what not to wear? With whom should we seat and to whom we should leave? Whose daughter is having an affair and whose boy is caught while smoking at his gallery? Why your daughter is not getting married she is 25 years old now? Why your boy is not studying? Where were your children last weekend night?

These are some annoying questions which our society mainly faces but still living in these societies. Why? I would tell you in the end.


This is also a big problem in our societies. They can’t see you building your own new home. They can’t see you buying a new car, they can’t see you doing outing., they can’t see your healthy and wealthy life. And in-short, they can’t see a smile on your face.


If they aren’t successful in their lives, so work hard with sincerity. One day you would achieve all your goals. Besides being jealous see what hard work a person had done for this success. No success can come without hard work; this is all the achievement of our hard work, luck, and prayers.


In this we all are experts. I am laughing while writing this because almost every one of us does the same thing. We appreciate everyone in front of them and as soon they turn around we start talking bad or against them. Sometimes people talk in someone’s favor due to his power and position in society. Sometimes just to be their good books, but what is the benefit when we are not happy or in a favor of concern person from the heart? Just to make him or her happy on the face, we are actually killing our own self-respect.

Now this list may continue on and on and on, but concluding my blog with my views of society. If I start saying the truth so you people either would worship me or would curse me, as this is also taught to us by our honorable society.

According to our society, this is above mentioned discussion is nothing but a couple of ladies doing gossip about their relatives and neighbors. Honestly, read my content once and give me feedback! Are only ladies responsible for such societies or men are also equally responsible? Blaming only one gender would be injustice in my eyes, although I totally feel that women are the main part of it. Because it is the fact that Women can live without makeup, good clothes, and luxurious life but cannot live without interfering in other’s lives. I am not against women; a woman is a mother, a sister, a daughter, a friend, and a life partner, but this is also a fact that this is in their nature.


In between, I said when our societies are full of annoying questions and interference so why we are living in such societies. The answer is very simple and interesting! We live in such societies because we are now part of them and are habitual of being annoyed and disturbed by society’s unusual questions and interference. Another great example of this society is when this blog would be published, some people would appreciate and say very good, nice thought, original content, and you have something different in your content (especially on my face 😉

But when I wouldn’t be in front of them, some of them would say, what rubbish content, he is against women; he is against society, is this content, etc. etc.? But I would like to say only one thing, as it is a very known quote that “Truth is Bitter than False”, therefore I am ready for it. 🙂

Let’s Start To Make Better Society For Our Self And For Our Next Generations By Avoiding Poking Nose, Jealousy, And Backbiting.

Content by: Poet & Writer Mujtaba Mirza

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6 Responses

  1. Dear
    This is a darest step to describe Asian Society especially Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi culture. I appreciate you to talk on these sensitive points. Furthermore, I would like to mention here that Indian Media (Entertainment industry like drama and movies) has contributed huge to destroy our Asian Culture, unfortunately, Pakistan and Bangladesh media also follow Indian Media and this is the root cause of why These countries going backward. I would strongly suggest you write about this valuable issue also.
    Nice Blog, keep it up. Best of Luck

  2. Thanks, hopefully you would be getting more interesting topics soon. My blog never hits any country or religion, it’s just a way to express public feelings and emotions. Your topic is nice and I love challenges, not mentioning anyone’s name but I would write soon on topic given by you. Stay updated for more contents.

    Warm Regards
    Poet and Writer
    Mujtaba Mirza

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