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Iranian IRGC Commander Qassem Soleimani reportedly martyred in US bombardment on Baghdad airport.

To Almighty we belong and to Him we shall return
The great fighter of Islam, Qasim Sulaimani was martyred (Iraqi media)
Condolences on serving the paths of Jihad and Martyrdom against global oppression.

Pride was never found
Even after suffering, there was no recompense
Yazid has got the head of Hussein, BUT
The downside is that still it’s not bent

Excerpt from the statement of Ayatollah Al-Azmi Leader Honorable Revolutionary Islamic Syed Ali Khamenei Hafzullah, released a few moments after the death of Sardar Qasim Sulaimani.

In the name of Almighty who is Most Merciful and Beneficence:

  • The great and proud leader of Islam sat on the sky. Last night, the holy spirit of the martyrs took the poisonous spirit of Qasim Sulaimani.
  • On the martyrdom of this great man, I offer congratulations to Tiberiq and the nation of Iran in the service of the remaining Almighty Allah.
  • A strong reaction awaits these criminals.
  • Success is the destiny of those who resist.
  • All of you know that the path of resistance will move with greater force.
  • The Iranian nation will preserve the memory of Shaheed Qasim Sulaimani and his associates, especially Mujahid Islam Abu al-Mahdi al-Mahindas.
  • I announce 3 days of general mourning in Iran.
  • I offer condolences to families of martyrs.

US directs it’s citizens to leave Iraq immediately
Suggestions to emigrate from first flight or relocate to another country, news agency.

Sardar Qasim Sulaimani’s funeral will be held on Sunday morning at Tehran University. The funeral prayer will be taught by the visiting leader, Ayatollah Syed Ali Khamenei, and the funeral of Sardar Sulaimani will be sent for burial in Gulzar Shahadah of Kerman city, according to his will.
Note: Shaheed Sardar Sulaiman’s figure will leave for Iran at the time of the Shiite funeral in Iraq tomorrow.

5,000 US troops arrive from Kuwait on the Iraqi border.

Breaking: Unconfirmed reports of ballistic missiles hitting largest US military base Ain Al-Assad in #Iraq & massive explosions, via IRGC Telegram channels.

Iraqi under US air strikes again for the second time, in Iraq The commander of the paramilitary force al-Hashd al-Shauabi has been targeted in northern Baghdad, killing 6 people and injuring 3 seriously. Iraqi State News.

Commander Qasim Majesty’s Will to his wife:
“I have set my grave in Shahadah Kerman. Mahmud knows. My grave is as simple as the rest. And there is no other text to write on it.”
Peace be upon Shuhda.

They martyred and think they did a great job,
Do not know how many hearts created a fondness for martyrdom.
God willing.

Details of the funeral (yet to be found):
Funeral funeral of martyrs martyred in US raid


Saturday morning at 8 o’clock, funeral ceremonies will begin in the holy city of Haram Imams.

At 8 o’clock in the morning, a public funeral will take place in front of the Iraqi Presidential Palace in Maidan-ul-Hassanin, Jadirya Baghdad, in the presence of Iraqi government and religious figures and diplomatic representatives from different countries.

After that, the funeral will be taken to Baghdad University in the event of a public gathering.
Then the funerals of the martyrs will be brought to Karbala-i-Ali and after the pilgrimage of Syed al-Shaddah and Hazrat Abbas-ul-Madaar, the mullahs will be taken to the sanctuary of Ali ibn Abi Talib.

The burial of Sardar Abu al-Mahdi al-Mundus and other Iraqi martyrs will take place in the Martyrs’ section of the Mosque Valley in Najaf Ashraf.


On Sunday morning, the funeral of Sardar Qasim Sulaimani and other Iranian martyrs will be held at the Mashad mosque and welcome will be held in the holy city of Imam Raza.

A funeral procession will take place on Monday morning at Saharan University.

The leader of the funeral prayer will be the leader of the revolution, Imam Khamenei.

On Tuesday, the burial of Sardar Suleimani will be in Gulzar martyrs of the city of Kerman, according to his will. Details of the burial of the other martyrs have not yet been revealed.

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