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What is Pi Coin?

Before Pi in 2009, when Bitcoin was first released, 50 coins could be mined for free every 10 minutes. Most people find it worthless. At most, one Bitcoin is worth almost $ 63,000. When Litecoin was released in 2011, 100 LTC could be mined for free every day. Most people think it’s still worthless. As a result, one Litecoin was once worth $ 300. When Ethereum was first released in 2014, 30 ETH could be mined for free every day. Most people still not believe that. As a result, one Ethereum is worth $ 1400.

In the years 2015, on the MMO communities, competing to receive free coins called Raiblocks (XRB) by typing captcha, each time typing so much XRB, it can be said that XRB has no value, is almost 0 dong. Later in early 2018 when Raiblocks changed its name to the NANO project, the peak of 1 NANO was up to 34 USD, which defeated the dream of becoming a millionaire of MMOs. because when they mined XRB, they sold it to each other at a very low price.

How Pi Works

Why is the development of mobile internet technology, everyone’s life is becoming more and more digital. Cryptocurrency is not only an outlet for entrepreneurs but an era! Realize a low-cost, low-access cryptocurrency network that everyone can join. Anyone can start mining by downloading the application of the Pi-Coin official website with their mobile phone. All Pi-Coins are mined by the user themselves. You can click on mining every 24 hours, it’s completely zero, just like original Bitcoin mining, but it’s more convenient and simpler than before.

Look at the numbers are terrible. Two opportunities have passed. Regret!

No problem! You are in luck having read this article and learned of the 3rd chance, its name is Pi Network.

Cost of Pi

Pi Network is a 100% FREE cryptocurrency project of the Stanford University team of doctors. Pi Network was created with cryptocurrency universal to all users around the world, unlike Bitcoin which is difficult to use and difficult to access to most of the population.

Just own a phone and take 10 seconds of attendance every day and persevere. No crashes, no RAM, you can mine cryptocurrency Pi Network automatically, free every day. Just like Bitcoin and Ethereum when they were first launched.

The Pi Network project is at the end of its testing phase and is preparing to go public (expected this year). Currently, if you mine alone, you receive 6pi per day, 180 pi per month.

Exchange Rate of Pi

If at the end of this year, pi is priced at 1 USD -> Me and you, both can have money for coffee. And as time progressed …
If Pi costs 10USD -> Me and you, both have money to spend.
If Pi costs 100USD -> Me and you, both are rich.
If Pi costs 0 USD -> I am still me, you are still you. No one took any coins from anyone. However, this is unlikely as the current Pi user base has passed 17 million and is growing rapidly. Pi is a project where we are sure to win and we will also succeed.

The project is FREE at no cost!
📌 I wish you success🍒

Join Pi Network

If you are not registered with PI NETWORK, click the following link:

Use my invitation code to access Pi Network app
Invitation code: SMFAKJ

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