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Hello all readers, how are you all? After a long time, it’s time to be back with you people with some new interesting facts, stories, and reality of the society.

When you hear 23 March; what first thing comes to your mind? “Pakistan Resolution Day”. It’s not any army day or Independence Day but it is a much more important day than Independence Day according to my view. A day when the resolution was passed and approved by the British government that there should be a separate country for Muslims, where they can follow their ritual according to their Islamic teachings.

On 23 March 1940, the resolution was passed in favor that the new country for Muslims would be Pakistan. I still remember when I was studying in my school this question was asked in the finals and after giving the correct answer we won the quiz competition of our school.

Hopefully when the name came of my school so I would surely write on it also, but right now the topic is 23 March.

Many people across Pakistan do not even know what is resolution day, which is quite embarrassing for us. We should always know about the history and facts of our country, where we are living our lives.

Just think once what a day it was when the resolution was passed and after completion of 7 years and 5 months, we would our own country name as Pakistan. Feel once the confidence level of our leaders when they planned and got it accomplished also.

Pakistan was never ever easy to be created, yes using this word created has some reasons behind it. We should be proud of our country and own it as we own our homes because Pakistan is also our home. We have to take care of our beloved country as we do our homes.

At last, I just wanted to say “Love Pakistan Build Pakistan”

Long live Pakistan
Mujtaba Mirza

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