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Do you ever think life without technology?

Here is something do you ever think what if there is nothing like Technology, no computers, no phones, no internet and many more.

With technology, you wake-up everyday on your phone, you call your friends, family and love ones far and near trying to avoid the stress of walking on your foot, to where they are staying. Technology has made everything easy for us to use.

Now imagine living in a world without it (technology/civilization). No use of machines to do your work, you know, make things a little easy for you. No cars absolutely nothing.

Where I come from in Africa, my great grand parents, know nothing like technology when they gave birth to them. Not just in Africa but to whole world now, before the idea of technology should come in to picture, they use their own body to their work. No washing machine, it was their hands and no car but their legs.

Currently in the world we are living now, their are different types of people, the rich, the poor, the average. There are certain people that can at least cope with it but not all. Imagine trekking from Nigeria to South Africa or From New York to Paris.

The idea of technology, is the best idea ever, and it is a great privilege for us, its kind of a legacy.

Imagine waking up no electricity, no computer, no phones and no car. its just you and your family.

You just eat, sleep, bath, eat sleep, bath, and walk your life out. A world without technology to me is useless, boring, not even encouraging. Sometimes I wonder, living in such world, how are we gonna get jobs? at least something to work on.

Imagine as an African in such world, u wake up, eat, bath, go the farm, sit and chat with friends and family and other boring stuffs. Yes! to me, its boring.

Do you know how many job opportunities was created due to the existence of technology? I think that what brought about the idea of technology in general is based on how boring life was.

So, they thought of making or creating something new to get busy with instead of growing old and die with exploring the world, keeping legacies, having an inspired memory to look back to.

But now, we have Cameras to take pictures of our loved ones to keep memories of them when they are gone. We have the opportunity to explore the world freely without stress, and nothing to discourage us.

We have car to take us anywhere anytime, and any place. And at least we have something doing other than sitting and doing nothing except chatting with families and that’s all nothing else.

Now we live in the world of technology. Where we have opportunity to explore, share ideas, work hard and keep legacies, and having much fun and not in the stone age where thee are no fun, and no opportunities like these. Thanks to technology.

This article is made for Farhan CEO of Knowthys

Also this article is wrote by David Yahaya
And David Ahmed also know as Rence/Godson Owner of Naijaforyou

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