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Importance of Education

Education plays a vital element in developing a person’s personality. Every level of education has its own importance. It is generally believed by some individual that a huge amount of time is spent on theoretical knowledge rather than practical skills.

I believe during an initial level of education from elementary to undergraduate programs students are in the learning process. They are more exposed to theoretical knowledge, however, universities offer a variety of courses to build practical skills as well.

On the one hand, children and teenagers are in the early developing stage of their life. They study a different subject, for instance, history, science, and math these subjects help them to learn and to gain knowledge.

Moreover, it also helps to increase motor skills and mental ability. From primary to undergraduate program mainly consist of learning facts which are also one of the significant element of basic brain development.

On the other hand, university courses are designed in a way they are able to get both practical skills and theoretical knowledge. For instance, in many universities for getting a degree, one of the mandatory requirement is to complete the Internship program of a certain period to gain market experience.

Some other subject such as marketing required to conduct a market survey which provides practical exposure.

Additionally, it is also a part of their studies at the end of every semester, students have to deliver a presentation which helps in polishing their soft skills as well.


To conclude, not all levels of education are the same and are designed differently at a different phase of life as age and in comparison to physical and mental abilities.

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