RTS Pakistan

Thoughts of the Member of PHS

Just be calm, wait & watch. Let them do whatever they are doing and keep doing whatever we are doing. I know our phase would be slower than them because they are in hurry to damage the organization as much and as early as possible but do not forget the story associated with the rabbit and turtle. That is not only a quality entertaining story, but that is also a Fact.

Consistency in your decisions, clarity, and progress is very necessary to get success. We need to believe in Almighty God. Trust yourself, be confident, do not lose patience.

Remember, the only thing, that is constant, in this universe is CHANGE. Always welcome to change and be an agent for positive change.

The fact that when you are in the war then soldiers have to come forward to either destroy enemies or be martyred. Nothing in between. Leadership can only provide guidance, boost confidence and expect best ever results. However, if soldiers surrender then you better to wait and focus on building your army once again. Much better, professional and stronger than past. You started it, we will finish it.

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