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Hina S Khan

Hina Khan used to teach. Currently, she has been working as a stock consultant or call as an agent. However, from the last two months, she is on leave. Now let’s see would she continue with that job or not.

Post N Win Facebook Group & Hina S Khan

Post N Win is one of the famous Facebook Groups. That group was created in May-June 2019. Hina had been a Moderator for a year and now she is in the Admin Panel of Post n Win Group https://www.facebook.com/groups/postandwin. This group is like a second family to Hina.

Post N Win

Well, Hina was added by Rizwan and Rubab. Rubab Sameer Paracha is like a family to Hina. Brother of Hina and Rubab are the those who told her about the group that they are deciding to create a Facebook group namely, “Post N Win” with “Hammad Khan and Rizwan” and Hina was very glad that they asked her.

  • Since she has worked very hard for this group. Therefore, she loves each and every single thing in this group.
  • She believes everyone has worked hard for the growth of “Post N Win” Facebook group. Whoever came and left, has done amazing work for this group.
  • First priority as Team Member is to keep the group active. She always tries to keep this group super active by different theme posts, interesting live shows, and posts. She said, Like nowadays our “Tiktoker theme is on. This is the way the new business and sponsors can enhance their business as people come to know about their brands, things, and themselves. In return, everybody would get followers and people will contact them by seeing their work through us.
  • Faisal Khan, her elder brother, is 3 years elder than Hina. Hina said, We do discuss a few things related to the group, which could be regarding any specific member or situation.Hina Khan However, if he asks me to stay away from a specific situation so we never discuss the group much. He is a busy person and so am I. He had helped in our previous meet-up that happened in Lahore but he is not on the team so I don’t usually tell him many things.
  • Hina further says that Marriages are not easy at all, joke apart. It is a very beautiful relationship. Obviously, the one Almighty Allah has written it for us. This is also a Sunnah of the Holy Prophet (PBUH). But the fact is that it is also very difficult to change your routine and to settle down in a new environment. I was expecting this question to come. Well, our marriage is a combination of love and arrangement. We knew each other and were friends but I never felt or thought anything for him.
  • After some years he called me and said he is bringing his mother to my home and I still can’t believe it that it was a big YES on the spot and here we are. We got married and this was what the Almighty Allah has decided for us.
  • I married just as I wanted due to Corona and the SOPs of the Government. “Simplicity” that all events were managed in a very decent way with limited gathering, and getting married in the Holy month of Rabi Ul Awwal was a dream came true. I really couldn’t be as happier as I am and won’t ask for anything more.
  • Trust me, all the events were fantastic and are close to my heart. I can’t differentiate between any of them.
  • On my reception ceremony, when my family entered and I saw them, I wished I could have more teeth than 32, just kidding.
  • No, not all, I controlled and that was the best I could do. But after my reception ceremony, I cried a lot because my dress was so hard to carry and I was crying about how to cover it now and keep it safe as my father always helped me with it. Yes I missed him a lot.
  • I miss everyone from my family, my parents, brother, and sister. As I was the youngest of the family, I was treated and was brought up with a lot of love and care.
  • Post n Win is our little family as I told you before. The only group I run, the only group I have invested my efforts and time in.

Interviewer Thoughts:Mujtaba Mirza

Hina S khan, one of the most beautiful admins and a very kind-hearted girl. It was my first time to talk to her in such a way but believe me guys; she is a very friendly and co-operative person. I remember once she was having a live session with her brother Faisal Khan and I was teasing her that her brother is more handsome and good looking than you.

Girl’s happiness can be seen in her eyes and I had felt it. My prayers and all good wishes are with you, dear. May Almighty Allah protect you from evil eyes and you shine forever.

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