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Goodwill Messages

The most famous formula to draft Goodwill Messages is 5S.

  • Be Selfless
  • Be Specific
  • Be Sincere
  • Be Spontaneous
  • Keep the Message Short

Let’s discuss them all one by one.

Be Selfless

Discuss the Receiver, NOT the Sender. Focus on the reader, not on the sender. A sincere “Thank You” to a customer should not include a notice of an upcoming sale.

Begin your letters effectively. Because Goodwill letters express the writer’s feelings, these are the only letters that permit you to begin with “I” or “We.”

The most effective beginning is still one that expresses the YOU-ATTITUDE.

As appropriate, express your pride in the reader’s accomplishment or state how the reader deserves the honor without being gushy. (Overacted, affected). Keep your letter focused on the recipient, not on yourself or your company.

Be Specific

Instead of generic statements (You did a good job), include Special details (Your marketing strategy to target key customers proved to be outstanding).

Clarity is very important; do not leave any doubt in your reader’s mind. You can promote clarity if you:-

  • Are Specific
  • Avoid vogue expressions
  • Use familiar words

Goodwill Message Letter should be courteous and friendly in tone.

Be Sincere

Handwritten notes will give an added touch of Sincerity and Intimacy where appropriate. Be sincere in sending thanks for a favor or for hard work.

Tell what the favor means to you. Avoid superlatives and gushiness. Maintain credibility with sincere, simple statements. Your goal is to show genuine kindness.

Whether expressing approval, concern, support, gratitude, appreciation, recognition, or condolences, be sincere in your remarks. Most people can tell when you are not. Do not write this letter solely for the purpose of making a sales pitch.

The purpose of this letter is to spread goodwill, without promoting any hidden agenda. Show your Honest feelings.

Be Spontaneous

Goodwill letters should be written & sent Promptly.

Suppose you were promoted as AM Eight to Ten Months back & since that, you have been working as AM as well as availing all facilities too, however, today after 8-10 months you receive a letter from the HR Department that Congratulations you have been promoted as an AM!! Any excitement or just formality has been fulfilled???

Another scenario, last week there was an appraisal in your company & very next Monday you receive a letter that you have been promoted as AM. That’s the pleasure 🙂

Nowadays, people share & post their Appointment Letters, Promotion Letter on social media so quickly. Why, because it’s all about the time factor. As time passes, the value & excitement also.

When you are writing to express thanks and sympathy, you should always write without any delay, so that the event is fresh in your mind.

Keep the Message Short

Remember that, although they may be as long as needed, most goodwill messages are fairly short. Goodwill message Letter should be brief and to the point.

Goodwill messages should communicate a single idea and do not need to fill an entire page. Most can accomplish their purpose in a single paragraph.

Remember, Goodwill Lettersoften come as a Surprise,are Greatly Appreciated, and are an effective way to build Relationships.

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