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A question which attracts me a lot, what is Friendship to you?

Friendshipis beyond any relation. I always love to write and debate on such interesting topics. I don’t say that I am a good writer or blogger nor I am a good interpreter of anyone’s life, but yes I think: I have some abilityto feel the feelings behind these types of questions.

Firstly, we have to study what people thinks about friendship. Because the biggest problem of our societyis that: they talk before thinking, they live without knowing, and they understand without listening, they make relations without meaning it. Life is not that much typical as we are making it day by day.

The best part of our life is when we have some good friends and along with them we spend nights and days without thinking about time, day and place. How many of you had experienced the same think as I said? It happens with me several of times, when we meet and sit together: time just stops for us.

One of my friends said me once: sitting with you people is the best part of my life and he wished the time could stop here and we sit this gathering forever. I think I am becoming emotional but mean it readers; this is a fact and 100% truth.

I don’t know how you people mean friendship to yourselves and how you people are taking it, but for me this topic and this word is very heart touching. Sometimes I cry when I just assume my life without my friends. 

True Friendship

True friendship doesn’t need any age, time or gender. It can be done with anyone, anytime and at any place. Just need true feelings for each other’s and the bond which is created by these feelings is called Friendship.

Friends are that blessing of God which you have chosen by yourself not by your blood relations. Some relations cannot be expressed to anyone. And when friendship becomes so much difficult to make understand to others so you are no more friends, you become lovers. But that may be some next topic to talk on.

Someone ask me why you write poet before your name so for them I tried this:

“Friends are Love
Friends are Life
whenever I am Sad
I say, where are you my Friends”


In last just two lines as a message to all my readers: “Don’t ever make friends and if you make any, so never let them be alone and sad in this selfish world”

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