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Nowadays, we all are part of so many WhatsApp Groups and due to over-loading of unconcerned or unnecessary downloading of Pictures and Videos we have to face Mobile Phone Memory Issues.

Due to above mentioned issue, commonly we either put some WhatsApp Groups on Mute Notification or Leave some WhatsApp Group. By doing this, other members of that WhatsApp Group feel bad sometimes because you show no importance for them and also by muting WhatsApp Groups, you may miss important messages.

So what should we do to avoid above mentioned issues and also keep our Mobile Phones Free from No-Space in Memory!! People who leave the WhatsApp Group because of Mobile Memory is Full now they do not have to leave WhatsApp Group.

How to preserve mobile memory

When we join a WhatsApp Group, storage of mobiles is a major issue due to the images and videos. To avoid this issue, follow below mentioned instructions:

👇👇 Resolve the problem

  • Open the group “Group Name” and there are three options below:
  • (First) Mute Notification
  • (Second) Customs notification
  • (Third) Media Visibility
    “Media visibility”
  • Select the third option “Media Visibility”
    Then select the “No” option

Images and videos will no longer be saved on your mobile, but in groups you can still view them. Now Do Not leave WhatsApp Groups, but use WhatsApp in a Smart Way.

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