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Karachi, April 2023.
Ramazan ul Mubarak 1444 H

Fitra is a Wajib (obligatory) Zakat.

Fitra per person is calculated as the cost of 3 kgs of any one of the listed commodities, of quality according to your lifestyle.

The prevailing rates for reasonable quality, of some of these commodities are given below:

  • Flour (Rs 160 per kg) say Rs 500 per head
  • Rice (Rs 300 per kg)say Rs 1,000 per head
  • Dates(Rs 500 per kg) say Rs 1,500 per head

Note: Above-mentioned calculation is basically for the year 1444/2023 & for Pakistan only.

Chose the Commodity as per your choice, and apply the amount for 3 kgs for each of your dependents, and those staying with you.

Add any guests that you may have hosted on Chaand Raat.

The Amount must be separated after the Moon sighting is confirmed and preferably before Eid Namaz.

It can also be dispensed in advance,

  1. to the beneficiary with Niyyat of Loan, to be converted to Fitra on Eid,
  2. to any person (with Niyyat of Wakil) for onward payment by him on Eid.
  • One person’s fitra cannot be divided between more than one recipient.
  • One recipient however can be given more than one person’s Fitra.

The recipient must be a practicing Mom’in.

  • Fitra of non-Syed can not be given to a Syed
  • Fitra of Syed can be given to a Non-Syed.

Fitra is a Sadqa for the year ahead.

It is therefore recommended to opt for a higher amount, to help those in need.

Courtesy by: Ali Raza Karbalai

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