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Death Comparisons Covid-19:

The Number of Deaths in the world in the first two months of 2020 by Covid-19

  •   2360 : Corona Virus
  •   69602 : Common cold
  •   140 584 : Malaria
  •   153,696 : Suicide
  •   193,479 : Road Accidents
  •   240,950 : HIV loss
  •   358,471 : Alcohol
  •   716,498 : Smoking
  • 1,177,141 : Cancer

Do you think Covid-19 is Dangerous?


This is the purpose of the media campaign to settle the trade war between China and America.


To reduce financial markets to prepare the stage of financial markets for mergers and acquisitions.


To sell US Treasury bonds to cover the fiscal deficit in them.


Is it a Panic created by Pharma Companies to sell their low volume products like Sanitizer, Masks, Medicine etc.


Fund generating techniques for many NGO’s, Businesses, etc…

Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak

An infective agent that typically consists of a nucleic acid molecule in a protein coat, is too small to be seen by light microscopy. And is able to multiply only within the living cells of a host.

As, so many were asking, why Coronovirus is Pre-planned or expecting. The following reason that’s my expectation may be wrong: Faisal Khan

  • As written in books and movies.
  • 2020 is year of recession. And USA want to divert mind via doing war but this time he choose biological war.
  • USA competitor China and China was threatening in so many areas. Therefore USA CHOSE Coronovirus and full media panic against to break trust of china.
  • Israel wants to capture Middle East and Saudi Arabia therefore divert mind.
  • Turkey, Pakistan, Iran and Saudi Arabia expected of war before 2023.
  • Trust on DAJJAL.
  • Minimize religious activities mostly Masjid etc.

World View

Almost all of the world’s fast-moving and corporate life has stopped for once. Workflows down for borders, flight operations cancellations, industry closures, holidays and offices, schools and colleges are also closed.

This is a case when God’s Worship places are also empty. People are imprisoned in their own countries, palaces or even small houses.

Do not Panic, Relax, Have a Basic Hygiene, Take Balanced Diet with Natural Supplements.

Trade War

Why only dollar is rising…. Think about it….

Chinese foreign ministry spokesman tweets claim US military brought coronavirus to Wuhan

China was becoming the World’s Economic Bear at that time. And the United States tried to stop China several times but failed.
The United States was not even in a position to fight China. So, it turned its attention to the virus as soon as it left Afghanistan.

It was late for a peace deal with the Taliban that news of the Covid-19 spread across China and around the world.
China had to be stopped becoming an economic superpower and the US alone was not enough for this.
The United States joins Britain and Israel to devastate China’s economy.

According to the plan, the Corona virus was released during military exercises in the Chinese city of “Wuhan” two months ago. That was the reason why only in Wuhan city the Covid-19 outbreak take hold.

In the beginning, Chinese authorities did not understand where the virus spread.
China tried to stop the news about the virus, but by then it was far out of reach, and the US-dominated media bounced around the world.

America’s first hit was successful, and the virus made China isolated and the Chinese suspicious and unwanted around the world.

The virus spreads from China to Italy, Spain, France, Germany, including reaching Iran, Pakistan, Idia and other countries of the world. When news of the casualties began to arrive in these countries. The US asked the heads of IMF, World Bank, World Health Organization to announce the aid of these countries through secret messages.

Britain also declared aid and upon hearing the declaration of aid. The other countries also began to be affected where no single case was registered and no virus was called.

As soon as Britain leaves the European Union, the United States extends its hand and says Europe and its unions rule the world together.

Whenever the United States began to invade any country, he would tell Britain that he would send his troops along and that the United Kingdom would cry out. The United States expelled the British from here and fought with them.

Relationships with the UK can be gauged from the fact that the United States has also banned European Union entry into the EU, while telling the UK that its citizens can come to the United States.

According to statistics by the end of 2019, China had become commercially affiliated with 124 countries of the world, and its products were reaching those 124 countries, and by the end of 2019, the US trade link was limited to 56 countries.

The United States was earning $5.8 billion a day in the name of Black Friday and cyber-mundane, while China was selling $ 14.3 billion worth of goods in just one day, and the same growth in China was causing a continual twitch in the US.

The United States, Britain and Israel have begun planning to become the World’s Economic Superpower to block China’s path, and according to that plan, they first targeted China and then targeted countries whose economies with China were largely connected.

In other major European countries, Chinese products had established their base. China had gained commercial access not only to Europe but also to the Middle East, Arab countries and Pakistan.

The whole situation was unacceptable to the United States that China was ahead of the economy.
Now the situation is that the United States has made the world a virus by luring aid and has declared itself a Day of Prayer.

The United States resorted to the media to expose China and told the world not to take anything from China or else they would die of the virus.
Now, not a single country in the world is thinking of taking a penny from every citizen of China, even if they get it for free.

Since Iran was already the target of the United States and Israel, the virus was resorted to to further weaken it.

Now Pakistan was saved, where China’s trillions of dollars of investment is going. The government did not see Tao and closed the whole of Pakistan.

The result was that all of our liabilities were on Chinese products and they stopped coming and the business that was running on Chinese products disappeared.

Rumors of the virus not only affected China, but people, engineers and companies operating on SeaPak in Pakistan started fleeing to China.

The state of China, which has given the world atomic bombs to the needle, has become such that it is requesting the world to send a mask, and that is why the United States wanted China to be in such a state that it could not get ahead.

However, China not only has recovered from this planned virus but also ready to help other countries. Soon China may counter attack to United States worst than this Covid-19.

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