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Can you die from insomnia?

People generally suffering from insomnia do have a serious threat of dying. Sleep deprivation can cause almost all possible health issues and all other body organs and metabolic systems.

But the question is can it even lead to death? If you are suffering from a lack of sleep don’t even think of taking pills like Modafresh 200 as these are wakefulness pills and may further make you awake.

Well, the first thing that we must inform you of is that going without sleep for an extended period isn’t a very good idea after all. Even one night’s lack of sleep or improper sleep only for a few hours can cause a lot of problems.

Generally, the lack of sleep time is going to get worsened over time. But how bad can it get? Can it even lead to a person’s death?

We will also find out if taking medicines like Modaheal 200 during severe body conditions after several days of not being able to sleep is good for your body or not. In this article we will unravel the probable consequences of sleeplessness and how far is human tolerance when it comes to sleepless nights.

Let’s start gathering some useful information.

Can one die from lack of sleep alone?

For you to know this answer you have to go through several experiments and researches done by leading scientists in this field. Okay, we will cut it short for you…

So, after several years of research, experiments done on insomnia patients doctors and scientists have come to the general conclusion that while insomnia is not at all good for health it is not the lone killing reason.

Generally, a person can die after remaining awake for several days but the result of death will not be insomnia or those sleepless nights spent by the patient.

Or else using some drugs like Modalert 200 to remain awake for an extended time can also lead to insomnia problems.

You see the human body is generally adjusted to a sleep-wake cycle. Everyone has this tendency to adjust to their routine based on their lifestyle.

But using wakefulness drugs like Wakelert 150 during the day to avoid falling asleep and suffering from insomnia at night means that your body is just not able to get rest. Sleep is indeed important for the body for keeping a healthy heart and brain. Being not able to adjust to any sort of routine leads to further health problems that soon turn worse.

Generally, other major problems begin cropping up in your body when you start having sleepless nights. You see as the days go by you will start hallucinating, experiencing, dizziness, headache, confusion, lack of concentration, not being able to judge things rationally.

Generally, a person will change their behavior as well as scientists have seen after conducting reviews of patients suffering from severe insomnia.

There will be more agitation, anger, and frustration developed in a person not being able to sleep properly at night or undergoing a complete lack of sleep.

Not to mention that these side effects like hallucinations, headache, dizziness, confusion, lack of concentration may result in trips, falls, or even road accidents that might lead to the death of the patient.

Apart from this, there are more lethal side effects that can lead to the death of the patient that including a sudden stroke, huge heart attack, hypertension, rise in blood pressure to abnormal levels, type-2 diabetes, and obesity.

It has also come to light that people suffering from bouts of insomnia have increased suicidal thoughts cropping up in their minds. This conclusion is gathered based on interviews and reviews of people stating their feelings while suffering from insomnia in a severe stage.

How long can a person remain alive without sleeping?

There is as such no conclusive time after which a person might die after suffering from insomnia. You see even if you don’t have one night of good comfortable sleep then you will have headaches, heartburn, eye swelling, etc during the day.

As the first few days pass by things start getting worse. You are going to suffer from hallucinations, utter confusion, even lack of clear vision or having blurred vision at times, severe headache, etc. and if you use wakefulness pills like Artvigil 150 and modaheal 200 then you also suffer from the same side effects.

These tendencies start to develop at around 4-5 days depending on the condition of the patient.

If you are fit enough then you may survive further than this but then your metabolic functions tend to take a hit. You suffer from digestive problems, irregular and faster heartbeat, faster breathing, shivering, fever, bouts of unconsciousness followed by sudden awakening, etc.

You might also develop feelings of suicide during these times. Patients might even start forgetting about things. For example, they might not be able to recognize their family members, friends, or colleagues, or even not be able to remember almost anything.

Generally, after around one week or so, things start getting extremely severe for a fit and healthy person. They might die of complications such as heart attack, stroke, brain hemorrhage, cerebral attack, etc.

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