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Lucknow is the focal point of Azadari in India on account of the huge number of Imambaras in the city. There are various imitations of each sacred Shia sanctuary which mirrors the endeavors of the Nawabs of Awadh (Oudh) to advance Azadari in the Indian sub-mainland. Lucknow holds the benefit of holding the Shabi-e-Rauza (Replicas of the first Shrines or Tombs) of the considerable number of individuals from Muhammad’s family, all in all, known as Ahlebait a.s. The Nawabs, as well as the respectable men and local people, fabricated the Shrines(Shabi-e-Rauza) of Ahlebait a.s. in Lucknow. These holy places were worked for the individuals who were not able to visit the first Shrines in the Middle East locale.

Masjid Ramzan Ali Khan Sahab

Masjid Ramzan Ali Khan Sahab, also known as Dariya Wali Masjid is, unfortunately, was one of the largest platforms for the Azadari situated near Aasafi Imambara (Bara Imambara), Lucknow Lucknow which has been demolished on October 14, 2019, by the local government of the Lucknow, India. Here are some pictures of Dariya Wali Masjid before it was demolished. Here it should be mentioned that this is Masjid is also a victim of Political disturbance going on in Lucknow.

Dariya Wali Masjid After Demolished

Now it has been decided by Local Government Lucknow to construct a Park in the same place where Masjid Ramzan Ali Khan Sahab – Dariya Wali Masjid was situated. There was a big ground under the territory of Dariya Wali Masjid and long-established local shops which were operated for more than two generations of local citizens of Lucknow. These affected people are demanding to provide replacement shops at the same places otherwise their families would suffer drastically.

Press Release by the most famous spiritual personality of Lucknow, India Imam-e-Juma, Aqay-e-Shareyt, Aftab-e-Shareyt, Maulana Syed Kalbe Jawwad Naqvi

Dariya Wali Masjid Lucknow

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