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Company Bank Account Opening Request Letter must be printed on Company LetterHead and Stamped and signed by all Directors/Partners of the Company/Partnership.

This letter can be used for Private Limited Company, Partnership, & Sole Prioperitorship with the little amendments in the company section and replace Directors with Partners/Entrepreneur.

Company Bank Account Opening Request Letter

The Manager
(Name of Bank) Bank Limited
(Name of Branch) branch,
(Name of City).

Dear Sir

With reference to the subject, this is to request an account opening with your branch under the title of “Company Name

We undertake that we are the Director/Partner and authorized signatory for the said concern. We are entirely responsible for all transactions carried out in the name of the Company/Firm and We are personally liable for any overdraft or other obligation arising in or in connection with this account and the Bank is hereby authorized to debit the account with all interest, commission and/or other banking charges and expenses (including legal charges) incurred in connection with the account.

The Said account shall be operated by Jointly authorized signatories with anyone of namely Director/Partner or Director/Partner with Director/Partner (Mandatory Signatory).



PARTNER 1                          PARTNER 2                               PARTNER 3

__________________                   __________________               __________________

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