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Dariya Wali Masjid Lucknow


Lucknow Lucknow is the focal point of Azadari in India on account of the huge number of Imambaras in the city. There are various imitations of each sacred Shia sanctuary which mirrors the endeavors of the Nawabs of Awadh (Oudh) to advance Azadari in the Indian sub-mainland. Lucknow holds the benefit of holding the Shabi-e-Rauza […]

Best Investment Opportunity

Is It Good To Invest In Dwarka Expressway Residential Properties? When you search for the term “Best Residential Properties in Dwarka Expressway”, you will get a number of websites with a long list of present and upcoming projects. But, have you ever thought why this area is highly recommended by most of the people these […]

Get Free Rides Online


Free Rides SWVL Who says NO TO FREE TRIPS or Free Rides. Nowadays, when everyone is facing high inflation problems all over the globe especially in Pakistan. Here comes an incredible Transport Providing Service called SWVL. Which is charging unbelievable low rates just 20 PKR per Ride. It’s not enough, you may avail Completely Free […]

Free Rides

Free Rides

Get Free Rides Online Airlift One of the Best ways to go to Office, College, University and back to Home by Air-Conditioning Van Service. Nowadays it is so hectic to travel to Karachi through local bus or van services. But now you do not need to worry about traffic or stuck during the worst traffic […]

Unbelievable Nature Images

Unbelievable Nature Picture

Ontario, Toronto It is almost 10:00 pm here at Ontario, Toronto, Canada. After the monsoon in Karachi, here we get some unique Nature Greeny on old obsolete chairs keeping in the backyard. Have a look and share your experience also.

19 Amazing Facts about India

19 Amazing Facts about India

The List of 19 Amazing Facts about India: 1. The poorest in the world are found in India. 2. India is one of the most illiterate in the world. 3. India is the most unemployed in the world. 4. In India, at least 20 million people eat rats. 5. India has the largest sex trafficking […]

Things in which Singapore is preferred for all

Singapore When it comes to tourist, Singapore is constantly ranked at the top. When it comes to Asia tourist simply after Thailand, it mainly comes 2nd. Singapore is an abnormality, and they’re extremely happy with it. The country is currently the primary island-city-nation on earth. In spite of the reality that Hong Kong is similarly […]

Beef Tikka Boti in Karahi

Beef Boti

Making Beef Boti Tikka A simple and easy way to joy this Eid-ul-Azha with home-made Special Beef Tikka Boti in Karahi within few minutes without any special BBQ fixtures. While other family members are busy in cutting and distribution of meat after sacrificing the animals, you can take a good piece of meat and cut […]

Karachi Under Thunderstorm 2019


Karachi Are you ready? It is forecasted to hit Heavy Rains with a thunderstorm to Karachi. Rains that cause a flood in Karachi was 70 mm. What is coming on 10th August are 338 mm… Get Ready…… LATEST UPDATE ON KARACHI HEAVY RAIN SYSTEM!NOW 2ND SYSTEM IS ALSO CONFIRMED!HEAVY RAINS IN KARACHI FROM 10TH AUGUST! […]