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BliteocÂis a web portal. Bliteoc offers internet searches and other services like news, weather, focuses on artificial intelligence

news.bliteoc.com  is a content website that aggregates content from various publishers, constantly updating feeds of breaking news/articles, providing a service in which breaking news articles are matched towards key-phrase subject matter specifications, the relevant links and publication names are then added to its website.

Bliteoc News International  is freely available to the general public and Bliteoc provides customized content feeds for users. The website also gives access via mobile devices, and gives a version tailored for the web.

Publisher can submit there website also by clicking the Publisher link


Everything – This category is on the top of the homepage for popular Updates, and creates new categories for important global events such as Health, Politics, Local Content etc.

Finance– This category contains articles on more or less anything money related, it includes major information on developments in the major companies as well as stock information.

Science– This category contains articles from the scientific world, includes important research publications, etc.

Technology – This category contains articles with technology, includes reviews of new devices, anything related to technology,

Sport– This category contains articles of recent  sports news,

Life & Style– This category contains articles  about fashion, general points in life, etc.
Arts & Entertainment – This category contains articles on films, theater, music, games, etc.

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